These Crypto Altcoins Are Going MAINSTREAM In 2024!

Ethereum woke up, Ethereum went up 10% 10% and this could be the start of something, well why, because the next Ethereum spot ETF that could be around the corner, I don’t think it’s so soon, but Ethereum’s The possibility of a spot ETF or multiple spot ETFs later this year is certainly a real possibility. Since people didn’t believe Gary would ever approve of Bitcoin Spy F, there are still some people in the chat who are still on it.

Ethereum has Started to go up

Can’t believe this is gonna happen today, like you guys know who you are, I saw comments like people couldn’t believe it and it’s like it’s almost like a miracle, it’s like Is like you know the Jesus moment is coming and because of that a lot of people are now thinking oh this is a miracle there’s a real possibility that Ethereum gets an ETF, well I think that’s why That Ethereum has started to go up, it has to be noted, it is very weak against Bitcoin, but now it’s like the first day yesterday and today is like two days that it has really gone up, is it will continue.

Ethereum Getting a Spot ETF

I’ll take a look, but it’s not just Ethereum, you got Cardano up 12%, Avalanche up 12% Polka Dot up 14%, Polygon up 12% right, you got several big movers Ethereum Classic up 35% because again the Ethereum ETF is new somehow What’s Getting People Excited to Buy Ethereum CL Ethereum Classic Isn’t Getting an ETF Now People Are Speculating About Ethereum Getting a Spot ETF Why People Didn’t Think Bitcoin ETFs Would Never Come Finally Here They Are Why not Ethereum according to the SEC Maybe not Gary Ethereum is still considered a commodity according to the SEC The CFTC also considers Ethereum a commodity so that means they can’t say it’s a security unless Gary makes up his mind Doesn’t change and says he is safe despite his opinion.

Because he tries to avoid that question he never wants to answer it directly uh but anyway Ethereum is going crazy Ethereum itself is good is doing, but you know you have to be like the people in Congress, now you know they’re starting to buy and they’re buying eth, I wonder if you’re looking at their charts so why are you Know that Ethereum has finally broken out of this resistance.

Top of Ethereum are now really starting

They are going higher and another thing to keep in mind here is that Ethereum itself has been really stable, a lot of the erc20 stuff has stabilized, but they are now No, today I saw NES is up 51% today, okay what is NES Ethereum name service, so I mean a lot of Dapps on top of Ethereum are now really starting to heat up as Ethereum gets momentum.

Why everyone likes Salna?

Has been. So just keep a few things in mind and move on, I’ll keep it going, I have my eye on Ethereum and everything that exists within Ethereum, like all the liquid staking providers, they’re doing great, what about Dexa?, they haven’t really moved, but they will probably move, we’ll see, but it could be a warning Ethereum and we’re going above 486, of course you have annuals, I like annuals, like Salna All the organizations, even Kathy will like Salna, everyone likes Salna and although uh Salna herself has taken a sigh of relief, but it’s not that much, it was exactly a month ago, but you See a lot of people are betting on Sol for the long term and well someone just asked if I mean the memes like Salat are skyrocketing.

They are skyrocketing, some mysterious There’s the whale who claims to be a Binance insider, so he swears Whiff is getting listed on Binance, that’s why there’s the dog in the hat. Up 131% today, it’s 285 million still short, But it’s huge, it’s like the critical mass point before we get to a billion, it’s exactly the same thing that happened with Bon as it happened with Pepe and talking about Bon Bon, now 22% is above one billion.

BON, Myro and other Crypto

Just 4 days ago they were at around 600 million, so I mean they are up over 50% in three days, I mean BON is going to be a killer in this cycle and the other one is Myro at 100 million Closing in on that, I have to say the other day I said I would go to Myro for one, I did just that, uh Myro is still there after crossing 100 million, it’s looking pretty strong

They could do really well so even though Salna took a breather, all the memes on Salna are skyrocketing right now so this will definitely take them out of Ethereum spot ETFs there could be XRP spot ETFs Well, there’s a chance and there’s a chance and if that’s the case then maybe If they are then they will be as they are going to be. Whether it’s listed at like 11 billion or 20 billion, it’s going to be a high valuation immediately, there was a big spot where Cathie Wood kept asking Elon about Bitcoin, are you going to adopt it, are you going to use it.


Going forward, Elon tried his best to dodge the question, but he did say that he would consider using Bitcoin going forward. Let us take out the crypto wallet that has been speculated about for a long time. Let’s get that payment system we’ve been hearing about, let’s make it too it’s full crypto let’s make it a used bitcoin Ethereum doge or whatever perfect, uh why not, I don’t know he’s on it Why so quiet or maybe it is deliberate because he wants to surprise everyone.

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